film and advertising director
Julia Kolesnik

about me


Childhood dreams of becoming a biologist, astronomer, painter, psychologist and owner of a zoo led to studying at the geographical department of Moscow State University. 5 years spent there brought into my life wonderful friends, invaluable life experience and led to the desire to create worlds on film. Next step was VGIK (The All-Russian Gerasimov Film School), where I joined the workshop of renown Soviet director Marlen Khuziev. Graduation film “Let’s Go for a Walk” won many prizes at the international film festivals. Full-feature debut “Lower Caledonia” followed. Current filmography also includes short features, TV series and documentary films.



Feature Films/ TV series

“Life Glows For Those In Love”. Short musical fiction film inspired by Anton Chekhov’s novel, 2013

“Notary Public Adventures”, episode 2 of TV series, A-Media for Channel One., 2008.

 “Lower Caledonia”, Full-feature film. 2008. 

Critics Guild Prize at the “Spirit of Fire” Festival, Khanty-Mansijsk, 2008
Program participant at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, 2009

“Stubborn Target". Television film, 4 series. Released in 2004, is repeatedly shown on major Russian TV channels.

«Let’s Go For A Walk», 2002. Video, colour, 24 min. Graduation film.

Prizes at Russian and International festivals:

Nomination for a Student Oscar (American Film Academy Award) as the best short student film, 2003
Karlovy Vary film festival 2003 - Grand Prix for the Best short film
International Short Film Festival in Beijing, China - Grand Prix
International Film Festival in Lodz, Poland - 1st Prize
VGIK International film festival - Best Director, Best Actor prizes
St.Anna debut films festival, Moscow, Russia - Grand Prix, Diploma to the D.O.P.
"Nachalo" debut and student film festival, St.Petersburgh, Russia - Best Script
"Zolotoy Vitjaz" film festival in Irkutsk, Russia - Best Short Film
and other prizes.


Around Moscow: Terra Incognita”, popular science film-adventure, 2012

"Meridian of Hope" ecological film festival - Best film about the nature of Russia (2014)
“EcoFest” international ecological film festival in Braila, Romania – Best Script Prize (2012)

“A Short Course in War Geography”, 2011, video, 116 min.

"Man and War" film festival, Grand Prix (2012)

 “The Poles of Arthur Chilingarov”, 2009, video, 39 min.

"Svetlana Savitskaja – ticket to the stars". 2007, video, 26 minutes. Made for the Russia Today TV channel (Russia Al Jaum department), for the cycle "Wonderful women of Russia".

«An island of Aphrodite», 1997. video, colour, documentary. 11 min.

«The Forellen Quintet», 2000. Music documentary made for Greenpeace Russia to the music of Pavel Karmanov.

Short films

“The Chair You Are Sitting On”, 2011. Video, colour. Experimental short film

«Materialization», 1998. Video, colour, 10 min.

«The morning 2001», 1999. 35 mm, b/w, 2 parts (15 min.)

«The Gun», 1997. Video, colour, 5 min.

«Impatience of feelings», 1997. Video, colour, 3 min.


Other works include screenplays, various TV commercials and music video.